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Gunday (2014) Movie Review



Sypnosis: Chronicles the journey of two orphans who developed a deep bond of friendship during the Indo-Pak War and the creation of Banladesh, and who together sought to own Calcutta by becoming big-time goons and outlaws, and woo the heart of the same girl. All this while a police officer seeks to bring them down.
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Paisa Vasool

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Dull proceedings, unnecessary songs, uncreative plot

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Watch it if Bollywood is your thing or if you’re a fan of the leads. Skip otherwise.

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In an underground tunnel Temple Run 2-like sequence (the one where you travel in a cart), when the protagonists ‘explode’ out of the tunnel into a nearby water-body, we see lots of stones breaking apart, the two leads, and their cart falling in the water. Somehow, the stones never make it to the water and the protagonists, with the cart, jump in clean. This, right here, is when shit goes over-the-top and Bollywood is joked about.

For all those girls and *oops sorry.. Section 377 censors this* anticipating them, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are indeed the hot bods to watch out for, what with their Salmanesque showdowns and slo-mo running, but it would be incorrect to call them eye candies ’cause they’re mostly covered in coal (somehow, even in such a state, their teeth are so white they could become brand ambassadors for any leading toothpaste brands) . For the rest of y’all who will be dragged in to this one by their other halves or their friends or children, or those who came in simply for their love for movies, don’t worry..  there’s Irrfan.

Irrfan’s (character’s) dialogues and narrations are perhaps the only parts to pay attention to. Rather his screen-time is the one that makes you wanna shake yourself off your sleep. Else is just about anything you’ll be able to make up in your sleep, be it the characters or the plot, if you’ve seen enough Bollywood movies. His lines ironically act as a sarcastic comment to the proceedings of the oh-so Bollywood movie. Saurabh Shukla is wasted. Like every commercial Bollywood film, this one, too, has a debut actor who’s good but his character is either made thin in the end or his role is cut short. The child actors weren’t bad for beginners. Priyanka Chopra is hollowed as her chemistry with the leads is way less than the bromance between them; which brings us to the leads, Ranveer and Arjun. Both are good but are way too aggressive for a dull movie. They’re like those overly energetic kids at a birthday party who long jump the shit out of themselves while they were only supposed to hop a little for the game they were playing. This aggression in their acting could’ve been a very strong positive for the movie, but the absence of supporting strong plot-situations renders it worthless. For instance, they both swear that they won’t let their friendship get affected by the arrival of the girl in their lives but the moment the girl chooses one of them, the other one goes berserk. If done right, this could’ve worked as a comedy, but sorry to say, this a Bollywood movie.

The plot’s awfully dull enough to make you wonder whether the “Plot twist :” comments by people on Facebook pages’ pics are actually smarter and funnier and more enjoyable. I say this ’cause I might spoil the movie’s “plot twists” for you even by saying that Irrfan’s the master of the game (which isn’t much of a spoiler ’cause even internationally he is recognized as one hell of a good actor .. more internationally than here). There are movies with such sensitivity about their plot twists (YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT…), but they are either so overt that they’re covert, or even if they are predictable, they present a bloody good character study. Gunday obviously doesn’t belong to the lot ’cause the leads’ character scripts might only have consisted of “AARGH”, “HMPH”, “RAWR” or “AGH”. Even the dialogues don’t work much, as the crème de la crème have been given away in the trailers.

The movie could’ve been done away with right at the interval, but, instead, you get another half of the same, routine proceedings, with another 3 songs (yes, 6 in total) and the same end as expected, no change.

Then again, you’d probably not care for all of the above if you wanna go to the movie only for the leads or foot-tapping to the songs or for lines that usually would appeal to the crowd as “dhaansu dialogue” just ’cause they were said aggressively.


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